Five tips for physicians trying to push their initiatives through the healthcare systems.

I read a summary proposal prepared by a MD today that fell flat with the Hospital Administrator. It was missing the essential information needed to evaluate viability.

I provided some feedback and thought other MDs might benefit from some general feedback too.

1/ State the problem. What’s wrong with the status quo? Tell the story about how patient’s are being negatively impacted by the current treatment and/or service.

2/ Describe the future state. What would the new treatment and/or service look like, how would it be enabled and who would deliver it?

3/ Provide existing metrics and goals. Back up your plan with data for the relevant metrics.

4/ Resources. What needs to change to enable the new treatment or service? Can you train and redeploy resources or do you need more and/or different types of resources? How hard will it be to train, attract and/or hire the resources needed? How much will it cost? What other resources do you need?

5/ Commitments beyond approval. Who needs to buy into the plan and/or who could enable it because they have existing business relationships etc.? Are there partnerships that would be beneficial?