We’ve started a new Facebook page called Healthcare Gal to help Americans get their arms around healthcare and the policy changes underway. Anything political runs the risk of inflaming emotions and causing outbursts. Our goal is to only share facts based on our readings and knowledge of the healthcare gained from 20+ years of working in the industry.

We’ve dusted off some of our characters created for the online training courses we did for the healthcare industry years ago to keep things light. The posts will be incorporated into the Rush 360 site soon. Here are a few posts from the week to get you up to speed on Healthcare Gal.

The Budget

The proposed TrumpCare got it’s origins from Speaker Ryan’s budget in 2011 called The Path to Prosperity. The problem was that the budget didn’t really promise prosperity to the old, poor or sick. Obama publicly shamed Ryan for rewarding the rich with tax cuts while taking healthcare away from those who need it most. Ryan’s budget called for “fixing” Medicare with a voucher system which would enable senior citizen to purchase their own healthcare. It’s no wonder Trump steered away from changes to Medicare during his campaign. The battle of TrumpCare vs. ObamaCare wages on with more tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and less healthcare for the poor and sick. TrumpCare calls for tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, block grants to the states to provide some Medicaid coverage and repealing of the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion. You have to wonder how much money one person really needs. Reportedly, the top 25 hedge fund managers are having a hard time getting by on $600 million/year.

Lunch vs. Healthcare

“What is wrong with you?” recently spoken by Michelle Obama in relation to Trump’s school lunch program. The healthy lunch program established to curb childhood obesity costs about $12 Billion/year. Good food costs more than junk but is worth it. The current cost to treat diabetes in America is $250 Billion/year. Geisinger Health started providing fresh fruits and vegetables to low income patients suffering with diabetes. The trial participants ate better, lost weight and reduced their symptoms related to diabetes. Not surprisingly, eating better food lowers healthcare costs. So you have to wonder, why our current administration would turn down a potential 20x ROI on the school lunch program? It’s not entirely clear but at least some of the billionaire Libertarians [i.e. Mars Candy Clan] reap the financial rewards if Americans keep eating junk food.

The Wall vs. America’s Drug Problem

Building a wall on the US/Mexico border may not be a cure all for America’s drug problem. As of 2013, 10% of the US population 12 years of age and older are using illicit drugs. Of which 7.5% of the population is using marijuana. As of 2017, nine (9) states have legalized it. Legalization of Marijuana makes it impossible to cut off supply. While not as deadly as other illicit drugs, healthcare experts are already seeing the negative impact on newborn health.

The remaining 2.5% is using other drugs, including prescription drugs for non-medical reasons and heroin. Prescriptions for opioids is up despite no change in reported pain levels which means physicians are overprescribing pain medications. Heroin use stems from prescription drug use and is becoming the drug of choice because it is comparatively cheaper and easier to get with the increased supply coming across the US/Mexico border.

It’s clear that we need to cut off the supply to fix the drug problem in America. However, the main problem seems to be within our borders. American tax dollars may be better spent fixing the prescription problem in healthcare, making public health ads to address the appropriate use of marijuana and cracking down on casinos that launder drug money.

The Climate and Our Health

The Climategate Scandal was funded by the foundations of billionaire Libertarian Koch, Bradley, Olin and Scaife to protect their own financial interests. Michael Mann, the scientist in question, was exonerated by the Inspector General of the National Science Foundation, which is the highest scientific body in the United States. The integrity of his work proving the genuine danger posed by climate change confirmed. The same billionaire Libertarian group continued to threaten and discredit other Republicans who tried to move legislation to curb global warming forward.

Check the Facts

Don’t believe everything you hear….these are just a few of the organizations funded by billionaire libertarians and other Republicans to spread falsehoods about “ObamaCare”, climate change and more.
– Center to Protect Patient Rights (CPPR)
– Americans for Prosperity Foundation
– Coalition to Protect Patient Rights
– Institute for Liberty
– Patients United Now
– Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWork

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