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Covid19 + Beyond

Preparing for the impact of Covid19 and beyond Years ago, Bill Gates tried to warn us all about the risk of a deadly virus. Unfortunately, we didn’t heed his warning. The good news is that he has left the boards of Microsoft and other companies to focus his efforts on the Gates Foundation. His efforts

Investment Structure

Demystifying venture capital for healthcare professionals. I am using my social distancing time to help a colleague assess the feasibility of a new Social Impact fund for early stage startups. The timing aligned with the start of an online program about venture capital sponsored by TechStars/Kauffman Fellows that I had enrolled in. Having a specific


Could co-housing help solve the homeless issues? Did you catch the Fortune article asking “Can San Francisco be saved?” The article raises the point that for people without housing, there is no health. Unfortunately, the story gets worse. Many medieval diseases [typhus, tuberculosis and likely Covid19 soon] are now showing up in the homeless populations

Conscious Capital

Can entrepreneurs and conscious capitalists solve all the world’s problems? I’ve been researching impact investing and some of the ideas around it including stakeholder capitalism, conscious capital and frugal innovation. While I don’t have my arms fully around the topic yet, I see somewhat of a ground swell happening that is important to acknowledge. More

Behavior Contagion

What you should know about behavior contagion. I started reading Under the Influence which links our behaviors to the economic impact and policies. One example of how the theory plays out in healthcare is the out-of-network billing strategy. The topic surfaced again this weekend when a physician in my network shared an article called Keep


Making the healthcare system work better for everyone. Many industry professionals are still wondering what Atul Gwande, MD is up to at Haven Healthcare because there hasn’t been much written about the company since its founding. I read Better again recently for more insights. Better is Dr. Gwande’s observations and findings about the business side

Fast Money

Why it might be even harder to swing for the fences? I met with an equity analyst a few weeks ago who used the term fast money. The term really resonated with me as a description for what I’ve been seeing in healthcare [aka: out-of-network strategy, balanced billing strategy, inflated pricing strategies, kickbacks etc.] and

Talk is Cheap

Why business leaders need to act now. I met with the CEO of a mental health company last year and remember asking him “what’s the answer” to some of the biggest challenges that we’re facing. Talking is good but if there is no solution for the problems, then what? It’s something that I’ve been thinking

Well-being Matters

What it means to live a good life to the very end. A health policy colleague suggested that I read Being Mortal by Atul Gwande MD. It wasn’t what I expected but I always enjoy Dr. Gwande’s books. His stories give us such good insight into some of the biggest challenges in healthcare.  If you’re