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How matters

How matters more than most leaders thought. Corporate America is changing. Business leaders are realizing that they need to think beyond the bottom line. Some investors are pushing back but what they might not realize yet is companies can do even better when they consider the social and environmental impact in their policies and business

Regulation vs. Ethics

Can the healthcare industry self regulate? I had a discussion recently with a CEO to fortune 1000 companies about the need for proper regulation. At the start of the conversation, he asked what I meant by regulation. So to ensure that we’re all on the same page for this discussion, let’s start with the definition of

Stand Up?

Should you take a stand on important issues? It’s something many leaders are rubbling with right now.  Eric Topol MD wrote an article for the New Yorker recently about the potential for a new doctors’ organization that would enable physicians to take a stand on important issues affecting the health and wellbeing of Americans. Issues such as vaccines, drug pricing, climate

Startup Comp

What is the value of your time and risk tolerance? A member of the Female Founders Network shared her story of working for a successful startup that recently became a public company. She was an early employee but was never offered shares or options and questioned whether or not it was fair. With the amount

Operating in the Grey

Morally wrong but not illegal. That’s the fine line that many companies walk. There is a really good documentary called the Drug Short that uses the story of Valeant to explain the problem with drug pricing in the US. Valeant operated more like a hedge fund than a pharmaceutical company. The model was pretty simple:

Good Data

Only 30% of the analytic results in healthcare organizations are accurate.  It was one of the facts that we learned on the Health Catalyst webinar this morning and based on my own experience seems about right. Part of the issue is the old adage “Garbage In/Garbage Out” and the other part is lack of consistency

Focus on Why

Do you know why your company exists? If you answer is something like to provide high quality medical services or to provide a specific type of solution to the healthcare industry, you’re telling me about your company’s what – not the why.  The why is the reason the company was founded and continues to exists. The

Hiring for Fit

Have you ever wondered why 80% of Americans are in jobs that they don’t enjoy? The easiest answer is that they have the skill and need the money to support their family, pay off their school debt, buy their dream home or maybe it’s just about survival. Whatever the case may be, the way companies

Living your Values

If you’re thinking which values are you referring to – personal or company values? I’m actually referring to both because there should alignment in your personal and professional life. If you need to google your company values or call human resources, chances are your company’s values have not been operationalized. Only 10% of companies have