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Doubling Down

Why are Americans doubling down on a broken healthcare system? The current healthcare system is commonly referred to as broken, it’s rife with fraud and abuse, it has little transparency – yet we expect people to act as consumers. Here’s just a few clips from Axios that has to make you wonder. 1/ Both Democrats


Millennials may be rejecting the ACO model. As prices for comprehensive health insurance increase, millennials seem to prefer on demand service purchased at time of service [aka: fee for service]. Primary care physicians work as the coordinator and gatekeeper in the ACO model. They care for, triage and refer patients to specialists as needed. However,

Post: Cost of Healthcare

Lower healthcare costs or jobs? There is enough evidence now that the cost of healthcare in the US is driven by the fragmentation and the adverse demographics. 1/ Medical supplies cost healthcare providers 30-40% of their revenue and the cost of supplies are substantially higher than other developed countries. For example: – Pharmaceuticals in the

Post: Workplace Wellness

Fundamentals of wellness in the workplace. Wellness is for companies of all sizes. It doesn’t take a lot of money to provide employees with a workplace that promotes wellbeing and empowers them to do their best work. 1/ Environment: The workplace itself matters. Fresh paint that enhances the light and a well organized space will

Post: Values

Salesforce is one company that truly walks their talk. Here’s what I inferred about their values and culture from just one day at Dreamforce: 1/ Environment: Be Mindful. All the nomenclature and products used referenced the environment reminding us all to tread lightly and reduce our impact. 2/ Transparency: Build trust. Customers asked for greater

Post: Despair

Should wellness programs include an unrestricted education benefit to stem the tide of despair? Have you heard the term Diseases of Despair? I hadn’t until today but couldn’t help but think at least some of the drug abuse problem was a function of the fact that life just sucks for some Americans. How do we

Post: Rules

Not all rules are made to be broken. The healthcare industry has always struggled with patient compliance. Many patients stop taking a prescription or adhering to a care plan as soon as they starting feeling better. It’s a huge problem for physicians trying to adopt value based care models because non-compliant behavior often results in

Post: Fixing Problems

Go slow to go fast. Most people call us when they have a problem and they are having trouble fixing it. Reflecting back on completed projects, the underlying issues are one or more of the following: 1/ Flawed assumptions: Assumptions are made about what’s causing a problem without checking all the facts. 2/ Timeline: Deadlines

Post: Networking

How often are you networking with intention? Why do I ask? New opportunities often come from the people you know and who know what you do. I started thinking about this after meeting with another small business owner who told me his entire business comes from referrals. I couldn’t help but do a little research