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Automation + Motivation

Learn what you should be doing now as automation changes the way people work and get rewarded. Last week I read about a recent Bain & Company report estimating the automation of 40 million jobs [25-30% of US jobs] within the next decade. White color jobs are not immune from outsourcing or automation. That’s eye opening but

Learn the three Ds

Use the three Ds from the process of “Get Stuff Done” to make good decisions and be more successful at work and in life. The three Ds are Discussion, Debate and Decision from the process of “Get Stuff Done” described in Radical Candor. I happen to be reading the book this week and used the

Single Payer System

A Single Payer System will help “Make America Great Again”. I am convinced healthcare in American needs to become a single payer system with an option to purchase private insurance. Why? Many American are still slipping through the cracks of the current system because it’s so fragmented. With health insurers pulling out of the exchanges and the

No Easy Answers

There are no easy answers when it comes to healthcare. Healthcare is something everyone wants because it’s an essential service for sustaining a healthy life. However, the cost of healthcare is what makes it a difficult service to provide to all Americans. Politicians are continuing to struggle with what to do. Changes to the ACA

Foundation for Growth

Invest in fundamentals and growth to move forward Scarcity mindset is toxic to you and companies. It is a result of something lacking in your life that causes you to do things for short term relief rather than taking actions that provide long term benefit. I had several exchanges with colleagues recently and scarcity mindset came

Fair Price for Healthcare

Getting a fair price for healthcare is tricky because it’s not an apples to apples comparison. Benefit season is starting soon. I’ve compiled some of my recent posts to help you get your arms around the latest strategies being offered to establish a fair price for healthcare services and to help you manage your total

Moral Obligation?

Is it a moral obligation to provide healthcare to all Americans – or not? That is the question that as Americans we need to answer. It’s clear now that many voters did not understand that it was the question they needed to answer for themselves before voting to “repeal and replace ObamaCare” when voting for

New Healthcare Services

New healthcare services that are user-friendly and cost effective for when you’re in pain. Judging whether a medical issue is “emergency room worthy” isn’t always easy. A bad tummy ache could be gas or something more urgent such as appendicitis. Your pain level is usually a pretty good indicator of whether it’s something that needs immediate

Save on Healthcare

Shopping for healthcare takes a little research and know how but there is real money to be saved. No one likes to pay more than they have to for anything. Did you know you can buy car parts on Amazon? I didn’t until someone broke one of my tail lights and it looked like an