Rush 2.0
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Focus on advancement of growth and achievement. Covid19 and the Shelter-In-Pace [SIP] restrictions have challenged everyone’s mental health in one way or another. Harvard Health shared an article about Self-System Therapy. Unlike traditional cognitive therapy, it focuses your efforts on advancement of growth and achievement to make you feel better. I have been apply the

Healthcare Finance 3.0

Reimagining healthcare finance post Covid19. I have been participating in some Zoom meetings to hear how others are reimagining healthcare post Covid19. There is broad consensus that use of Telehealth will not diminish because consumers are using it now. In fact, 80% of physician visits are now Telehealth visits. Most are still questioning the longevity

Meaningful Innovation

Why we should be focused on food now. Did you catch Eric Schmidt on Face the Nation this weekend? He’s helping leaders reimagine parts of the economy. Interestingly, he touched on many of the topics covered in the Weekly Rush over the last several months including housing and infrastructure to facilitate remote work and education. 

Achieve Peace

We need to win the Covid19 war and achieve peace. I’ve been listening to leaders in the financial industry about what they hope to see post Covid19. There is unanimous consensus that Covid19 will have a much bigger economic impact than the 2008 financial crisis that gave way to the Great Recession. We recovered from

Medicare for All

Don’t assume Medicare for All is off the table for the 2020. A health tech colleague and I touched on Medicare for All when thinking about topics that should be addressed with his board. I’ve been thinking about it more lately because a 2018 poll recently circulated through my Twitter feed. The poll showed 70%

National Dialogue

Healthcare leaders can help shape the national dialogue. I needed some repairs done over the weekend and got an ear full from the handyman. He couldn’t contain his emotions about the economic impact Covid19 is having on everyone. Who can blame him? Mixed into some interesting theories about China and the US, were some new

Covid19 Stimulus

How long can stimulus be used to sustain the economy? I’ve been reading Paul Krugman’s latest book, Arguing with Zombies to better understand the stimulus funding and debt. The numbers are eye popping. Economic stimulus is a proven way to restore confidence and to reduce the severity of market cycles. There is a depression era framework that

Think Global

Why you should start thinking globally now. Covid19 is making the US healthcare industry cross the chasm to consumer driven healthcare.  Previously imposed ideas of what we thought were possible in healthcare and other aspects of life are being challenged every day. No one is accepting a lower standard of care or service but rather

Own the Issue

Why owning the issue will likely result in a better outcome. A colleague shared the latest podcast from a16z with ideas of how government funds could be distributed to small businesses with the help of accounting software vendors. Sounds like a good idea. The podcast ended with a discussion about stock buybacks vs dividends that