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Post: Fixing Problems

Are you having trouble fixing a problem? I was talking to a colleague yesterday about the fact that people most often call me when they have a problem and they are having trouble fixing it. Why? Common Issues: 1/ Flawed assumptions: Assumptions are made about what’s causing a problem without checking all the facts. 2/

Post: Networking

How often are you networking with intention? Why do I ask? New opportunities often come from the people you know and who know what you do. I started thinking about this after meeting with another small business owner who told me his entire business comes from referrals. I couldn’t help but do a little research

Post: Self-Care

What do you do afterwork to decompress and recharge your batteries? It was a ice-breaker question that members of a business group needed to answer as part of their introduction. Almost everyone in the group started with something along the lines of “well I know that I should be exercising” but what I really do

Post: Balance Billing

More regulations or should we fix the payment system? Years ago, I attended a ABA conference and asked “why don’t we just fix the payment system” rather than add more regulation. I am reminded of that event this morning in reading the KHN proposed options for addressing balance billing. The proposed solutions are a bunch

Universal healthcare

Is it the end of employer-sponsored healthcare or the beginning of employer-driven healthcare? When I posed this question to my Linked In network, many people viewed the post, some followed up for links to sources but no one commented even though healthcare is top of mind right now for many Americans. Healthcare is an emotional

Automation + Motivation

Learn what you should be doing now as automation changes the way people work and get rewarded. Last week I read about a recent Bain & Company report estimating the automation of 40 million jobs [25-30% of US jobs] within the next decade. White color jobs are not immune from outsourcing or automation. That’s eye opening but

Learn the three Ds

Use the three Ds from the process of “Get Stuff Done” to make good decisions and be more successful at work and in life. The three Ds are Discussion, Debate and Decision from the process of “Get Stuff Done” described in Radical Candor. I happen to be reading the book this week and used the

Single Payer System

A Single Payer System will help “Make America Great Again”. I am convinced healthcare in American needs to become a single payer system with an option to purchase private insurance. Why? Many American are still slipping through the cracks of the current system because it’s so fragmented. With health insurers pulling out of the exchanges and the

No Easy Answers

There are no easy answers when it comes to healthcare. Healthcare is something everyone wants because it’s an essential service for sustaining a healthy life. However, the cost of healthcare is what makes it a difficult service to provide to all Americans. Politicians are continuing to struggle with what to do. Changes to the ACA