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Infinite Mindset

Why leaders need to shift focus to their Just Cause in 2020. I am departing for Australia this week but wanted to leave you with some thoughts to help you plan for 2020. Collectively we can have the biggest impact on the health of Americans by shifting our mindset and implementing policies that support all

Tell me more

Simply saying “tell me more” can transform a conflict into a fresh start. When speaking with someone you disagree with, the most courageous thing you could do is simply say “tell me more”. I’ve been thinking about communication skills lately. No matter how suave of a communicator you are there is always room for improvement.

Building Courage

Courage by definition is the willingness to do something that frightens oneself.  In a business context it usually requires people to do the right thing rather than acting in their own financial interest. Doing the right thing is frightening for those with a lot to loose. Ethics and compliance with regulations is comparably a low

Healthier Hospitals

A framework for Healthcare Finance 2.0 already exists Similar to leading edge retailers, hospital systems participating in the Healthier Hospital Initiative are working to make their organizations healthier and more environmentally friendly.  I discovered the initiative while researching organizational values of leading healthcare organizations and noticed the reference on the old values page for Tenet Health. Unfortunately,

[Re]Building Trust

Why healthcare companies should be re[building] trust now. Trust is more important than many leaders realize. I’ve been thinking about it in light of the 2019 allegations of wrongdoing in healthcare report and corresponding settlements being chalked up to the cost of doing business.  The impact of wrongdoing whether it’s excessive charges, abusive billing practices

Healthcare is Hard

It shouldn’t be so difficult…. I’m hearing this statement a lot this week and my guess is that you might be thinking the same thing too. Let me start by giving you some context from my week. Leadership I was invited to interview for a spot an in upcoming national leadership summit and in preparation,

Healthcare Finance 2.0

Can healthcare companies do well and do good? We’ve reached a crisis point in healthcare and we can’t financially engineer our way out of it by simply shifting risk and costs. It’s time for healthcare finance 2.0. We need to start looking at the big components that make up the financial framework. Historically it’s been

Execution Vs. Kickbacks

Why good execution trumps kickbacks The Trump Administration is considering relaxing the federal fraud and abuse regulations for kickbacks and bribes. Even though I still believe people are generally good, the thought of it is cause for concern.  Simply speaking – when there is a big pot of money and no clear rules on how

Default to truth

Why do we default to truth when someone is lying? Most people default to truth until their doubt and the facts tell them otherwise.  My default belief has been set using the 80/20 rule. 80% of people tell the truth and do the right thing. Based on Talking with Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell, it’s a reasonable starting point. However,